10 Things To Stockpile To Make Sure You’re Always Ready

10 Things To Stockpile To Make Sure You’re Always Ready

November 09, 2017

In terms of preparedness, your stockpile is your best friend. A steady resource of things that are the easiest to forget means when the SHTF, you’ll be ready without having to try!

But what do you need to create the perfect stockpile?

For that, many people tend to have different answers. Some people prefer to can all their own food to add to their stockpile to guarantee that they have an effective emergency food supply without having to buy from an outside resource. To some, it simply means a small closet with a flashlight, some cans of food, and a few bottles of water.

But your stockpile should encompass all your needs! The best thing about a stockpile is that you can steadily build it up. Batteries, food, water and daily supplies may be the last thing on your mind, but every little bit can build up to an impressive stockpile!

By doing your preparing now, you can guarantee your safety in the future. Here are 10 things that you can begin stockpiling now for your stockpile, bug out bag and more:

  1. Emergency Food Supply

It’s important that we’re able to have food in an emergency. Your long-term food supply can be one of the most valuable resources available to you!

it’s canned goods, canning supplies and ingredients, or a full set of emergency storable foods or MREs, make sure you won’t have to worry about food!

  1. Emergency Water Filters Or Supplies

Yes, bottled water can be a viable option, but it won’t last long. In an emergency, when the water goes down, your stockpile may be the only thing you can count on.

Make sure you have a steady source or a way to create drinkable water with stockpiled water or a portable water filter! Perfect for bug out bags or your stockpile, these can make sure your current situation doesn’t stop your hydration.

  1. Batteries

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them – batteries are one of the easiest things to forget in an emergency.

Ideally, your bug out bag and stockpile will have all the batteries you need. Useful for entertainment, flashlights, and emergency tools, batteries are a must have in your stockpile. They can also easily be stockpiled due to their availability everywhere!

  1. Lights

That’s right, another obvious one! When it comes to a dangerous or long-term situation, one good flashlight or lamp won’t cut it. By stockpiling light sources, you can be prepared for a blackout of any length of time.

Make sure you have some for both your bug out bag and your stockpile to further prepare!

  1. Heat And Cooking Sources

Even if you have a supply of emergency storable food, you can’t do much with it unless you have a solid source of heat!

Whether it’s portable stoves or a massive stockpile of matches and paper, make sure you can cook your food in relative comfort when the SHTF. If you’re using a portable stove, make sure you’re stocked up on replacement filters as well!

  1. Tactical Survival Gear

As unfortunate as it is to think about, security is also one of the basest needs for survival. Items like security vests and knives make perfect stockpile items due to their long-term investment.

Your stockpile can make you a target – so make sure you’re ready to defend yourself!

  1. Extra Blankets and Pillows

Creature comforts can be important in an emergency. You may be roughing it, but you don’t have to be completely miserable!

Some comfortable and warm blankets and pillows can make sure you get proper rest, and can be ready to face the world.

  1. Paracord

Long a favorite tool among preppers, Paracord is stockpiled and treasured for a reason – its flexibility and numerous uses make this one of the most necessary tools to have on hand.

It’s suggested to both stockpile and have some on hand for camping and prepping needs. You never know when you’ll need to use it!

  1. Games and Puzzles

Another commonly forgotten necessity. As much fun as staring at a wall can be, you can just as easily prep some games, books, and puzzles to entertain yourself and others!

When SHTF, you’ll be unaware of how long it will take until the grid is available again. Make sure you have something to do while you wait.


  1. A Good Radio

While you may not need many of this item, a solid and semi-portable radio is a necessity. To stay in contact with the outside world is one of the most important things a prepper must accomplish.

With the variety of information that can come from it, a radio is lightyears more important than a phone – make sure you have a good one ready and available today!

                With these items, you’ll truly be on the way to an enviable stockpile! Make sure you’re checking on your stockpile often, and don’t ignore other necessities in the quest for the biggest stockpile – your bug out bag, every day carry, and other items need attention too!


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