Top 5 reasons everyone should have an EDC Kit

Top 5 reasons everyone should have an EDC Kit

November 07, 2017

     If you’re a prepper of any level, chances are you’ve consider buying, creating, or owning an EDC (Every Day Carry) Kit. After all, not all of us can carry around a massive bug out bag to work, school, or the gym.

     But what is an EDC, and what makes a good one? And should you even carry one around?  It’s a good bet you have your wallet, keys, phone and other assorted items when you leave, which makes your own current EDC kit!

     Having those items on you is a necessity, but it’s not the best in a survival situation. You’re prepared for the store, but not a flood, earthquake or other form of emergency.

     That’s why everyone should carry around some small or convenient items in their EDC – to stay safe with the minimal number of tools on you. Your everyday carry should be heavy or hard to carry around. Only a few items will be needed to make you capable of withstanding any emergency!

Why you should have an EDC at all times

     If you talk to anyone who’s experience relies being around dangerous situations, it’s likely that they have an EDC kit. When you learn the benefit, you may just see how essential these kits are too!

  1. Preparedness

     Making sure you’re ready for the worst can be simple if you carry around an EDC.

     Your Everyday Carry can be tailored to your specific needs, but should probably include a little food and a survival tool or two to help you get around or out of dangerous situations.

     A good example is a small pocket knife – while you may not need one for work, a lot of people carry around pocket knives for their utility and portability. Convenience and safety right in your back pocket!

  1. Convenience

     Knowing where your tools and survival gear are at all times is one of the most important things in an emergency or survival situation.

     While most people have some of the gear they need like flashlights, they often forget to have them on hand or available and have to search for hours!

      Don’t be lost or stuck reacting when an emergency hits – with a well-made EDC kit, you’ll always be equipped and ready!

  1. Personal Safety

     While most people don’t like to talk about personal safety needs, sometimes you need to be prepared for the worst.

     Including a small knife or self-defense tool in your everyday carry kit could make that you prepared enough to drive away threats and protect your loved ones.

  1. Speed

     Bug out bags aren’t the most conveniently sized things. Even though they are an important part of survival plans, they can be heavy and overwhelming.

     They may also weigh you down in small emergencies. Carrying around a simple and easily accessible EDC kit can help you escape without hesitation.

     Items like small first aid kits and paracords can be an important part of your everyday carry that are flexible enough and quick enough to use and help you every day!

  1. Accessibility

     No one said your EDC had to be a bag – unlike your bug out or bug in bag, you can keep yourself safe with only the things around you!

     Even a hardline grey man would find a items like the keychain cutting tool or flashlight a handy addition!

     You can have phone apps, keychain additions, and even simple pocketable items like Bic lighters to dramatically increase your survival potential without much work.

Essential Items And Survival Gear For Your Every Day Carry Kit!

  • Flaslight 

     While your phone has a good flashlight, there’s a limit on what even smartphones can do.

     That’s why a good, conveniently sized and charged tactical flashlight will be your everyday carry’s best friend. Never get caught in the dark again!

  • Multitool or Pocket Knife

     An important tool for every man, be he a mechanic or an office worker. Get the convenience of every survival tool you can need in one convenient form!

     Whether it’s scissors or pliers, there’s a survival knife out there guarantee to have everything you need in one easy to carry form!

  • Water Filter

     Though we’d all like to trust the water around us, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

     With portable water filters, your EDC kit turns into a real survival set!

 No prepper is complete with an EDC kit – Make sure you set yours up today!

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