What Type Of Survival Bag Should I Get

What Type Of Survival Bag Should I Get

December 07, 2017

When it comes down to it, your bag is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have. It needs to be sturdy and flexible, but it also needs to match the situation. One normal high school type bag won’t be enough to survive any situation life can throw at you!

That’s why I’ll be listing the types of survival bags and the situations they’re best for below. There are many things to consider when finding the right survival bag for you, whether it’s a simple bug out bag, backpacking bag, or more!

Bug-Out Bag

While any bag can be a bug out bag, specific types of bags or backpacks tend to work best. Getting out of dodge is not always an easy task, and your regular plastic shopping bag may not be able to take the hits. You want something that is sturdy and lightweight to help you carry around your essentials!

Military bags and similar rough and ready type bags work well for this sort of option. You’ll also want your bag to have plenty of pouch options or inside storage space to help carry your goods. If a bug out bag is a little too big for your needs, why not consider an everyday carry?

Grey Man Bag

The problem with a typical military type bag is that it’s obvious. In an emergency, especially a long term one, you don’t always want to look the most prepared. To avoid looking like a target – or to avoid judgement as a prepper – the grey man style of bags is your go-to choice!

Grey Man Bags conceal your preparedness behind a normal look. They may contain armor and a massive amount of storage space or prepper gear, but the outside world will never know. In my opinion, grey man bags make the best choice for your bug out bag checklist – useful and sturdy, but not conspicuous. It’s important to avoid looking like a target!

Backpacking Bag

A backpacking style bag is generally a big, sturdy bag meant to last a few days. Used mostly for camping, these bags are perfect for situations or emergencies where you aren’t sure how long you’ll be out.

The backpacking style bags with hydration systems included are perfect picks – they can hold all your filtered water and your gear! Useful for both camping and situational emergencies, these huge bags are perfect for being on the move or bugging out to your bug out location.

What to look for in your bag

Of course, even when you decide on your bag, there are a few qualities you should look out for. These can turn your bag from a nice to have to a must have!

  • Rock solid durability to keep from wear and tear
  • Plenty of support to keep all your gear inside
  • Inside and outside organization for water bottles, clothes, food and more
  • Sealed capability – keep the bugs, dirt, rain, and other undesirable stuff from getting in!

Your bag is your first defense against an emergency, so it’s important that you make sure you get the right one. Whether you go for the grey man, bug out bag, backpacking bag or whatever best fits your situation, make sure you pick the one best suited for you!

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