Air Purifier

Let's Clear The Air.

    We all know that there are toxins in the air. Pollution has taken it's toll, and thousands of bacteria and viruses lie in the air around us. That's why it's so important that we're able to filter the air around us to provide a healthier way of life. Below are options that our team uses every day to clear the air around us and give us a healthier life. 

     Whether you're putting it with your stockpile for future reference or actively using it at home, an air purifier is an important aspect of a healthy life. Air purifiers like Alexapure work constantly to destroy toxins near you. And while most preppers forget to include air purifiers in their bug out bag or stockpile checklists, those who remembered will be happy they did in any situation. 

    Make sure to include an air purifier on your prepper checklist to reap the benefits of clean air and anti-pollutant plants to help when the power goes down in an emergency. With those two options, you can guarantee your home will be pollutant and toxin free to create the oxygen you need to survive any emergency.