Inside The Bag

Gear doesn't make the man - but it does help.

    When you're bugging out, you need to be at the top of your game. That's why we offer all the items you need to fill out your bug out bag checklist at a lower price. Not everyone needs the same items, but we made sure to include all of the essentials. Whether it's paracord, flashlights, masks or on-the-go Lifestraw water filters, you can be sure your bag will be filled here. 

    After choosing your bag, you should make sure you have all the necessities to survive at least 72 hours. Make sure that you cover all of the essential categories: water and hydration, food and food prep, clothing, shelter, camping gear (such as heat and equipment), security and more. With all the options below, you can personalize your bug out bag to meet your needs. 

    If a disaster comes, you need to make sure you're prepared. So pull out that bug out bag checklist and take advantage of our great prices on some of the most important bug out bag items around to make sure you can survive the night. Enjoy the experience of building your preparedness ability now!