Stove In A Can - Emergency Survival Stove With 4 Fuel Disks

Anything You Cook On a Stove, You Can Cook on The Stove In A Can!

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25-Year Guaranteed Shelf Life | Supports Up-To 300lbs.

Looking to finish out the cooking section of your bug-out-bag checklist? The Stove In A Can was designed to help you cook anything you could cook at home on the go. Fully self-contained, all in one and double patented, Stove In A Can works great as a convenient and effective camping stove or as a great edition to a bug out bag for your prepper gear list. With Stove In A Can, you can be ready to cook anywhere! 

This convenient camping stove cooking platform contains 4 safe, non-explosive fuel cells, and each cell burns for an hour. When paired with our 72-hour emergency survival food kits and food already available to you or snacks, the Stove In A Can is the perfect solutions for preppers or travelers looking to eat well and full no matter where you go. 

The replacement cells are powerful for the Stove In A Can camping stove. They work well in windy, rainy, and sub-freezing conditions, can be used where campfires cannot, and serve as outstanding fire starters. Additionally, the filters and replacement filters are clean and healthy for the environment! Unlike other camping stoves, Stove In A Can filters and fire starters are made with the environment in mind, containing no toxins while keeping a steady and powerful heat. 

With the Stove In A Can as your camping stove of choice, you're always ready to eat on the go! 

Need more replacement filters for your stove in a can? You can find more here

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