Outside The Bag

Sometimes, what's outside the bag is just as important as what's in it.

    In a disaster, having a good bug out bag is one of the most important factors of your survival. Even ignoring the contents within it, the first item on your bug out bag should be a good, strong bag or backpack and shelter gear. Whether it's your 72-Hour Bag, Get Out Of Dodge Bag, EVAC Bag, Battle Box or any other name, your bug-out-bag should be able to withstand the emergency as much as you are. 

   That's why we're working with top producers and manufacturers to bring you sturdy, flexible bug out bags that can carry anything you need, anywhere you go. We're also proud to show other items that traditionally go on the outside of your bag such as sleeping bags, tents, and more to make sure that you can find shelter wherever you go. 

    For those looking for a more grey man look to avoid suspicion and nosy thieves, our grey man bag options from citizen armor offer you the unparalleled bug out bag strength with the most important ability to blend in. These bags also make perfect hiking, backpacking and camping trip bags to help you take advantage of all of the uses your bug out bag can give you.

   Don't be caught unprepared in an emergency. Nature strikes fast and hard, so it's important that you're always ready. Grab one of these powerful and high-performing bug out bags to fill in your bug out bag checklist and start preparing for a disaster now. After all, fortune favors the prepared.