Items For The Future.

    When you need to prep for an emergency, it's easy to forget what happens after. Even with a well built bug-out bag and escape plan, you'll have a hard time preparing unless you have a long term plan to maintain independence in shortages, lack of availability for certain items, or a breakdown of society and government. 

    That's why it's important that you look into long-term solutions! Below are options that can be used to prepare for long-term survival, whether at home or at your relocation place. We're proud to offer Harvest Right Freeze Dryers to help you build up your stockpile or bug-out bag with great tasting, easy to make, freeze-dried supplies in heavy duty Mylar bags.

    Additionally, we offer Patriot Supply and Heirloom Organics seed packs to help you turn your house into a homestead when the world turns to worse and food becomes harder to get. With our books and solar packs, you can also make sure that you're knowledgeable and ready for any situation that may arise, from defending your homestead/relocation place to healing and taking care of a serious injury.