Privacy & Security - Away

Prepare for the worst with the best equipment

    No one wants to think about what may happen in an emergency. But it's important to be prepared for whatever harm may come your way. Looters, thieves and dangerous attacks may await you in a dangerous situation, and it always pays to be prepared. 

    That's why we've assembled the best body armor and outside protection available to guarantee your safety when away from home. With the additional use of a bug out bag, you can be ready to leave whenever the SHTF. The tactical armor below will keep you safe in an attack, and can help you catch your attacker off guard. Whether you're looking to keep it concealed or show you're ready, the gear below is perfect for the grey man and soldier alike. 

     Don't be in a situation where you wish you were ready. Take advantage of our outstanding prices and prepare for the worst case scenario. You'll be glad you did when you're standing on top in an emergency.