Block-It Pocket - Black

Protect your wireless privacy.

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Protect Your Privacy

Render your phone undetectable and protect your private data with the Block-It Pocket.  Virtually ANYONE--from government agencies to identity thieves--can track your every movement and gain access to all of your personal data using your cell phone signal.  Even when powered off, cell phones' microphones can be remotely activated to record your conversations.  Don't believe it?  Just read this article that documents the U.S. government's remote, illegal accessing of wireless devices.  However, this can only be done if there is a signal.  By blocking the signal, the Block-It Pocket eliminates
how outside entities can track or hack you.  

The Block-It Pocket not only protects your privacy, it also enhances your health.  Like it or not, our cell phones and notebooks are a part of our lives

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