Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch - Camo

Blocks signals to and from your phone.

Remove yourself from the network with a Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch

Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch protects you from tracking, eavesdropping and identity theftYour privacy is no longer just threatened by high tech government agencies.  Cell phone spying software is readily available on the internet for anyone.  Did you know that spyware can be placed on your phone without someone having physical contact with the phone?  A quick web search for cell phone spyware will surprise you. 

The following examples are just the tip of the iceberg:
The Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch was created to thwart these threats to your privacy, safety, and personal information.  Its special design features two cell phone pockets.  When the cell phone is placed in the back silver pocket all signals to and from the phone will be blocked.   Place the phone in the front pocket and the phone will operate normally while receiving the physical protection that is provided by the case.  Please note that the dimensions of black cell phone pouch and the camo pouch are not the same.  The camo pouch is larger and is able to hold the iPhone 6 plus.  Review the above photos for exact dimensions. 

How does it work?  The
Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch works by providing RF (radio frequency) shielding. This is accomplished by having a conductive material encapsulate the cell phone, card or passport. The conductive material acts as a Faraday Cage which shields all RF signals from going into or out of the device or card.  It is the equivalent of taking the batteries out of the phone, just much more convenient.

Three of the most common threats:
Tracking: In addition to using the GPS signal, this can also be accomplished by triangulation of cell phone towers or finding a local wi-fi network.  The cell phone does not need GPS capabilities to determine its location.  Placing the cell phone in the Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch will stop the tracking.

Eavesdropping:  Cell phone microphones can be remotely turned on (even when powered down) and your conversations overheard.  Placing the cell phone inside the
Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch will stop the eavesdropping.

Identity Theft:  Electronic data embedded in identity cards, credit cards and cell phones make identity theft easier than ever.  RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is now commonly used.  It is embedded in newer credit cards and identification cards.  These RFID devices are easily read and not only by authorized parties but by identity thieves as well.  Placing credit cards, cell phones and passports in the
Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch will stop anyone from reading your information. 
Aside from government agencies, jealous admirers/stalkers, and identity criminals; many companies are now tracking their employees through company issued cell phones.  Cell phones not only can track you but also act as remote listening and video recording devices.  These devices can be remotely turned on and have your conversations listened to.  Do you really want your boss to know everything you say and do?

The Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch will stop the tracking and bugging of your cell phone as well as protect your ID, passport, and credit cards from ID theft.  Take back your privacy and protect your personal information by getting your very own Detracktor Cell Phone Pouch today. 

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